1.    A complimentary consultation – Discuss client interests, needs, budget. Design itinerary outline.
2.   Itinerary outline – a Trip framework with dates, destinations, hotels, logistics, estimated budget – for client review and feedback.
3.   $100 planning fee – Nonrefundable deposit toward the trip. Higher fee if last minute or more complex trip.
4.   Itinerary proposal – Day by day itinerary with activities and real pricing – for client review and feedback.
5.   50% deposit invoice – Payment confirms the trip. All hotels, flights and touring are booked by Najran Tours.

6.   Detailed itinerary delivery – Finalize your day by day activities and discuss optional special experiences.
7.   Final payment – due 30 days before the tour start.
8.   Departure & trip execution – Stay in close touch with us and we will answer any question and try to resolve any issues that might arise.
9.  Trip feedback – Please evaluate us how we did so we can learn and grow and improve our services.

We are a full-service private travel designer focused exclusively on Saudi Arabia. Our clients are busy, successful professionals in other fields from finance to
entertainment, medicine to media, who want the best of everything and entrust us with all aspects of their tours in Saudi Arabia. We communicate with our clients in order to gain a firm understanding of their interests, needs, passions, and preferences.  Based on that we design their detailed itinerary including elegant hotels, top guides fully vetted by us, best vehicles, Airport service, and extraordinary experiences.

We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of Saudi Arabia, creative itineraries, attention to detail and personalized service during the trip planning process as well as during travel and afterward. We are based in Saudi Arabia and have teams on the ground in most of the cities of this country. We are behind the scenes following you every step of the way, checking and reconfirming every service to ensure that all logistics are smooth and seamless.

If a problem arises such as flight cancellation or medical issue, we are there to fix it, so you are never on your own. Through our decade of experience of working and traveling in Saudi Arabia, we have developed personal relationships with fascinating and prominent people across the continent including specialists in History, art, architecture, local cultures and local fashion designers, all of whom add a level of depth and gravitas to your journey.

Our clients are busy, successful professionals who value their own precious time above all else. They know that engaging a high-end Saudi Arabia specialist like us will save them dozens of hours of their own time attempting to figure out what we already know.

Saudi Arabia is a very wide place to navigate, but for us, it is very easy, and it is all  we do. Najran Tours clients want the coolest possible trips with special access to people and places not normally accessible.  They are happy to leave the heavy lifting to us. Our clients want to avoid aggravation and irritation above all else, both before and during travel.  We are behind the scenes constantly checking and confirming every detail, and if an issue arises while they are traveling, they know we will take immediate action and solve any problems for them.  You are never on your own when you are on Najran Tours trip.

We are travel professionals specializing in Saudi Arabia. We have deep knowledge of the country and think about it all day every day, constantly seeking out the latest and greatest, staying in touch with the pulse of Saudi Arabia. We assume you are coming to us because you are a successful professional in another field and you are seeking out our expertise to create not just a regular trip that anyone can go on the Internet and book, but an incredible journey that you will remember forever.

We inspect every guide, stay in every hotel, and test out every restaurant before recommending it. We have very good relationships with the top hotels across Saudi Arabia. The single most important thing is for your trip to go smoothly and seamlessly. This is what we ensure by being there on the ground overseeing every detail in real-time.

When problems and issues occur, as they often do, we immediately take action to find a solution. Otherwise, if a flight gets canceled or you miss a connection or any one of a myriad of typical issues arises, you are not on your own. Working with us will save your time and effort to do a typical trip. And it worth every penny.

We are a wholesaler so we enjoy strong wholesale rates at our preferred hotels and with our other vendors. This is the majority of our compensation. For this reason, we need to handle all aspects of the trip including hotels and touring. We have a successful and ever-growing business because we are excellent value for money, and our pricing is at competitive market rates for our high-end service.

Indeed, our clients come back to us over and over and refer their friends and family to us because of our results.

We are quoting the entire trip as a special package so we cannot provide line item breakdowns. As a wholesale tour operator, our contracts for hotels are confidential and can only be “packaged” together with other services. Furthermore, we work with local suppliers who bundle their offerings into package prices, which is quite standard in the travel industry.

A huge amount of work comes into creating the perfect holiday for you. Behind the trip, there is a maze of complicated costs that go into the planning, execution, the exchange rates, reservation details, taxes, and any other fees. We are certainly not trying to hide anything, but we need to keep things simple and clear. Furthermore, breaking out prices invites website comparison, and most people do not realize that hotel and flight prices, change daily or even hourly based on demand.

This can turn into a tedious and time-wasting exercise that Najran Tours would rather not engage in. Exchange rates also come into play and their fluctuations further complicate hotel quotes, as do widely differing terms of payment and cancellation. Suffice it to say that Najran Tours charges competitive market rates, and we are fair and reasonable which is why our clients get excellent overall value and come back to us over and over again.

It is standard practice in the travel business to charge change fees if a client makes major changes to a trip, such as altering dates or locations or other aspects of the trip that require significant additional work.

The amount varies on a case by case basis, as in other industries like architecture, design and construction where change fees are commonplace.

Pricing varies widely within Saudi Arabia specially in the high seasons of each area. Prices are per person based on double occupancy, including hotels/taxes, daily breakfast, touring with private car/driver, guide, special activities, and entrance fees.

Additional costs include lunch, dinner, and extra special experiences that will be added too. If more than two people are traveling, the price per person goes down in most cases because you are sharing the vehicles and guides.

We are behind the scenes watching you every step of the way, checking everything and re-confirming every service. Nevertheless, sometimes force majeure such as bad weather brings problems such as cancelled flights or missed connections.

When that occurs, we immediately try to take action to find a solution as much as we can, and we stay in very close contact with you by phone, text or email until the issue is resolved.

– Your trip is fully refundable if canceled 90 days or more before departure or if we did not reach the minimum tourists number in each trip.
– 50% of the total trip price is refundable if canceled 45 days or more before departure. Note that this may be further subject to the refund policies of each hotel, operator and other vendors.
– No refund less than 45 days before departure.
– Changes made to the itinerary after departure must be paid to us and are non-refundable.
– Please note that some vendors have onerous cancellation policies with substantial penalties for changes where funds paid are non- refundable.
– Najran Tours requires comprehensive travel insurance including trip cancellation, medical, evacuation, and lost belongings. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance you will be then have voluntarily done so and are fully aware of the implications and of Najran Tours cancellation policy.
– Any payment to Najran Tours constitutes your acceptance of the Najran Tours client Agreement.
– Any adjustment to government-imposed taxes will be borne by the client.
– Currency exchange is calculated on the original invoice date and will not be adjusted due to any fluctuation.

For your own protection, Najran Tours requires comprehensive travel insurance including trip cancellation, medical, evacuation, and lost belongings.
If you choose not to purchase travel insurance you will be considered voluntarily done so and are fully aware of the implications, and are also fully aware of Najran Tours cancellation policy. Buying any of our products through our official web site, official emails or official social media pages is an agreement on our policies and procedures.