Discover Saudi Arabia (14 days)

Price 2,000.00 SAR

On this type of trip, our customers will enjoy discovering and knowing big amount of cultural and social information about Saudi communities and its different cultural spectrums through wandering and staying in those communities for days. We will take them to the depth of the Saudi cultural identity and to the farthest points that embrace those hidden customs and traditions. Throughout the day tours, tourists will get to know the largest number of cities, villages and towns allowed by his time, to the inhabitants of those towns and he will dive into the depths of Saudi culture, history and heritage. The tourist in this type of trips enter most of the back streets of towns, villages, farms and all the locations of communities with great diversity in customs and traditions also will experience dining in local restaurants, sleeping in local hotels, learning most of the finer details of everyday life in Saudi communities. We will take you to the popular markets in the remote villages, old mosques and popular neighborhoods. We will also visit some houses and learn about the ways of living of the local people closely and will not forget of course the most important cultural, tourist and civilizational landmarks in those cities. This type of trip is calculated based on the number of days.

This trip can be customized to match the tourist need ans wants.

Location Map
  • 1
    Day 1
    • Arrival to Jeddah airport
    • Hotel check in
    • Lunch
    • Visit old Jeddah
    • Dinner
  • 2
    Day 2
    • Continue old Jeddah visit
    • lunch in old Jeddah
    • Visit Jeddah museum
    • Visit Jeddah corniche.
    • Dinner in old Jeddah
  • 3
    Day 3
    • Fly to al Ula
    • visit the Archeaology sites if open
    • stay over night
  • 4
    Day 4
    • Drive to  al Deesah in Tabuk
    • al Wajh village
    • drive back to Jeddah
  • 5
    Day 5
    • Drive from Jeddah to Taif
    • Visit rose perfumes plants
    • Visit old castels
    • Visit old Taif museum and old Taif
    • Stay over night.
  • 6
    Day 6
    • Drive towards al Baha
    • Visit marble village ( Dhi Ayn).
    • Drive towards Namas
    • Visit Namas “al Muqer” museum
    • Stay overnight in Namas
  • 7
    Day 7
    • Drive towards Abha
    • Visit Abha traditional market
    • Visit Rujal village
    • Stay over night
  • 8
    Day 8
    • Drive towards Wadi Lajab
    • Spend the morinig in wadi Lajab
    • lunch in vally
    • Visit Black mountain
    • Stay over night in Black mountain
  • 9
    Day 9
    • Drive towards flower men market
    • drive up to Faifa mountain
    • Visit faifa terrace farms
    • Stay over night
  • 10
    day 10
    • Visit Jiazn city fish market
    • Visit traditional village
    • Stay over night
  • 11
    day 11
    • Take the ferry to Farasan islands
    • Hotel check in
    • Visit Mangrove beaches
    • Swimming in the south beach
    • Stay over night
  • 12
    Day 12
    • Visit a remote island beaches for swimming in the green warm water and snorkeling.
    • Hotel check out
    • Back to Jizan city
    • drive to Najran city
    • Stay over night
  • 13
    day 13
    • Start the day by visiting traditional markets like Dagger, camel, dates, leather and ladies souk.
    • Visit farms and mud houses
    • Camp in the empty Quarter desert over night
  • 14
    day 14
    • Roam in the desert
    • Cook lunch in the desert
    • Visit rocky hills petroglyphs
    • Depart via Wadi al Dawaser airport
  • Transportation 24 hrs / day ( SUV, 4×4 4seaters or Buses).
  • English speaking tour guide will be on trip all time.
  • gas.
  • Airplane tickets
  • Travel / Medical insurance.
  • Meals
  • stay