Asir Tour

Price 2,100.00 SAR

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Asir region is one of the most important Saudi resorts. It is characterized by its beautiful nature and high level cities. The city of Abha reaches 3,000 meters above sea level and the heavy clouds gather under the city every evening to form a breathtaking sunset. You can see the ancient village of Rijal al-Maa on this trip, the honey market in The village of al-Habeel, the stunning rock formations and the beautiful lakes in Wadi Lajab, the Asir “Qatt” Museum and the “Jahl” Museum, as well as visit the popular Traditional Market in the city center. There is a huge cliff to the south of the city where you can enjoy the small forest hidden in the middle of the cliff by using the cable car to reach there, as you can visit the old historical red village in that area. During this trip you can also visit the city of Tannoma and Namas and enjoy the beautiful views of the Tihama area and visit the beautiful museums there. It is very easy to find suitable accommodation and hotel of several stars in the city of Abha. You can also taste one of the best known meals in the south of Arabia called “Haneez” where its very famous in this city and villages nearby and it has a unique taste when using the wild herbs to flavor that meal. That meal consist of the fresh goat lamb with rice cooked underground and come out with taste you will never forget. This trip is an adventure worth trying.
Information :
  • The group of this package must be 6 adults and above.
  • Kids less than 10 years will get 30 % discount.
  • Payment must be 30 days before trip starts.
  • All food will be in local / traditional restaurants.
  • All stay in 3 stars hotel / furnished apart.
Location Map
  • 1
    Day - 1
    • Arrival to Abha airport
    • Dinner and hotel check in
  • 2
    Day - 2
    • Drive to wadi Lajab 180km
    • Spend 2-3 hours inside the wadi ( swimming + climbing )
    • Lunch in local restaurant.
    • Drive back to Abha.
  • 3
    Day - 3
    • Visit Tuesday traditional souk in Abha city.
    • Visit highest point in Asir region( Al Sahab)40 km.
    • Visit Al soudah mountains 45 km.
    • Visit Rijal village 60 km.
    • Lunch in Rijal area.
    • Back to Abha for hotel check out and departe .
  • All meals.
  • All stay
  • All transportation.
  • All tour guiding.
  • All water and soft drinks
  • Airplane tickets and flights booking.
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance fees.