Dr. Axel

I have traveled more than 75 countries around the world and seen most of the impressive heritage site of humanity as well as many miracle of nature. But i have rarely encountered a man who has made my stay in an exciting place as pleasant and memorable as Mohammed Hussein in the short period of 24 hours.
Mohammed has not only been able to show me the most interesting places in Najran and on the road leading to Abha, but he has also made me understand the many layers of millennial culture that can be found in the southern mountains of Saudi Arabia, including tribal society, the local economy, challenges of development and diversities of markets and food.
He perfectly understood my preferences, did not mind to start the journey from Najran to Abha before sunrise, was able to find the most impressive examples of traditional mud architecture even if access was immediately not clear, fully accepted my lack of interest to spend a lot of time in restaurants or shops, had all papers and permits ready and managed the police escort in a very effective way.
His excellent language skills and knowledge of history as well as his cosmopolitan interest enabled very deep conversation.
I can fully recommended Mohamed Hussein to any body who wants to immerse himself in the mountain and desert of Najran province and southern Saudi Arabia in general. He will guide you to places and people “ off the beaten track” and make you understand their beauty and heritage as well as the challenges these regions in a time of moderation.
I hope i can return one day.
Dr. Axel Michaelowa
University of Zurich
Certificate for Mohammed Hussein
Tour guide in Najran, Saudi Arabia
Zurich 25th February 2012