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Jenadriyah festival

Jenadriyah festival

Al-Jenadriyah is a cultural and heritage festival held near Riyadh the capital city in Saudi Arabia each year, lasting for two weeks. It become the top Arab festival that showcases the local heritage of all Arabian Peninsula regions as well as the Saudi Arabian heritage.
The first was held in 1985.
Activities include a camel race, performance of local music and dancing of the “Ardah“ and the “Mizmar” . The festival draws more than one million visitors every year. This festival “normally falls during the month of February or March.
In July 2019. However, in 2019, the Saudi cabinet decided to make the Ministry of Culture responsible for organizing the event instead of the National Guard.

Events and activities :

The festival opens with the opening ceremony master, and then varied events held, including:

  • “Al Janadriya Operetta.
  • Tourism Oasis.
  • Saudi Ardah.
  • Government Pavilions.
  • Provincial Pavilions.
  • Companies and Corporate wings.
  • Poetry Evenings.
  • Heritage Village Activity.
  • Camel racing
  • Horse racing and endurance.
  • Dancing.
  • Folk costumes.
  • Book fair
  • Centre for documentation and pictures
  • Host country of the world to participate in the festival.
  • Display of traditional crafts such as pottery, weaving, woodwork, metalwork, and leatherwork