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Welcome to Saudi Arabia

Najran Tours Company is one of the leading companies in the field of organizing and planning tours in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we carry out tours in the areas of most amazing , hidden and far-flung cultures off the beaten path that the Saudi has offer. Our clients will have the chance every time to enrich their knowledge with the unique and wonderful discovery of the culture and local people of this Brilliant country. We are very interested in details, creativity and direct personal service. We have great experience in knowledge of local culture, people and unique places. We work with the local authorities in an excellent partnership that help to overcome the difficulties of our tours.

Clients Testimonials

One of the most important criteria for success is the level of satisfaction of the customer after the end of the service provided. It is the main criterion on which Najran Tours depends on to evaluate the performance of employees, equipment and other funders. This is where our success story begins over a decade and here we review some of the customers’ reactions with glory and pride.

Our Team

Najran tours team consists of a group of Saudi young people who are creative and passionate both in the office and in the field. Our team is a dedicated team of field guides, chefs and skilled drivers who are inspired by their long experience in traveling and accompanying tourists. All the members of our team have experienced the experience of being tourists and explorers in many countries of the world, so they combined their experience as tourists with their experience as service providers to others, producing an amazing team that works in a warm and professional friendship that no other team in Saudi Arabia can match.

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